Woven collections

The manufacturer of our woven collections was established in 1951 in Bursa, Turkey. 

They have a very long history and tradition with an experienced and innovative approach to textile production and transforming a vide variety of yarns into high quality fabrics, by using latest technology and equipment.

Both raw materials, greige and finished fabrics are meticulously analyzed and inspected. No fabric is released without passing technical, chemical and physical tests. Every step of the production is constantly monitored and controlled with sophisticated software to achieve highest standards of quality. 

The production is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, which indicates the safety for skin-friendly fabrics. 

With an ISO 9001 certification, a number of quality management principles are insured, as well as a strong customer focus, motivation and implication of management, the process approach and continual improvement.

The company also has Lenzing certification for all use of TENCEL Lyocell fibres, GOTS certification, (Global Organic Textile, OCS (Organic Cotton Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claims Standard).

The entire manufacturing process is operated by wind power as an alternative to fossile fuels.

The company is founding partner of one of the biggest cooperative waste water treatment plants in Turkey. The waste water discharged after dyeing the fabrics is treated to remove any potential harmful contaminants to the environment. 

The social policy of the company includes:

  • No employment of child workers
  • Comply with the Health and Safety regulations for workers
  • Respect the freedom of worker’s associations and collective bargaining
  • Maltreatment and psychological, physical or spoken harassment is not accepted
  • All kinds of discrimination is not allowed

Some of these aspects are also controlled and verified by some of the certification standards mentioned above.

The yarns used for our collections are spun in-house by the manufacturer to ensure the highest possible standard and traceability of the fiber origin.

  • The TENCEL and Elastane fibers are sourced directly from Lenzing in Austria. 
  • The Cotton fibers are sourced from Turkey. 
  • The linen fibers are sourced from Turkey and Italy. 

All the dyes used in the manufacturing process are sourced from Huntsman and Dystar, which are both innovative and sustainably committed manufacturers of dyes and solvents for textile finishing and processing. 

Knitted collections

The manufacturer of our knitted collections is one of the companies listed in first 500 companies in Turkey, which means that it's a rather big and very well reputed company. 

They are located in Istanbul and has been operationg as a leading textile manufacturer since 1989.

It's a fully integrated manufacturer specialized in knitted fabrics and the whole Spinning-Knitting-Dyeing-Printing-Finishing facilities are in-house, and equipped with the latest technology and moderne production equipment to ensure very high quality and processing standards.

The production facilities and working conditions are controlled by the official authorities in Turkey, and there is a very strict internal board of mangement and employees member to make sure that all regulations determined by governmental institutes are implemented. 

The company has ISO9001 certification which ensures high standards in terms of management, production processes and customer service.

The production facility is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, GOTS certified, OCS, RCS, Supima certified - and of course Lenzing certified.

These certifications does not only assure the origin, content and processing of the fibers and finished fabrics, they also include social audits, concerning working conditions, the physical conditions of the factory buildings etc.

All yarns used for our fabric collections are spun in-house by fibres that are purchased directly from Lenzing. For our collections containing cotton, we only use organic cotton, and these yarns also spun in-house from cotton fibres sourced in Turkey. 

The elastane used in our knitted fabrics are sourced from INVISTA and ELASPAN. 

The dyes and solvents used in the manufacturing process are sourced from Dystar, which is an innovative and sustainably committed manufacturer of dyes and solvents for textile finishing and processing. 

Once the fabrics are made and ready from production, they are transported by road to Denmark, where we have our warehouse and distribution facility. Here the fabrics are quality checked again, they are bolted, packed and prepared to be shipped to our resellers and other customers, which counts a range of small and sustainably founded fashion designers. 

We have a very high focus on balancing the act of only producing what we need, but also to have our collections in stock. We want to serve our customers with a very short lead time, but we do not over-produce in order to do so. We have a continous flow of production, so we can adjust and balance the production according to demand.

Distribution of the fabrics

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